Our Best Wishes for Shared Happiness Among Your Family

Our Best Wishes for Shared Happiness Among Your Family

Our Best Wishes for Shared Happiness Among Your Family

Our warmest, most heartfelt wishes! Indeed, because only one wish is not enough for Christmas! We would like to wish you some good health, some time together with your family, the luck of finding the right job and that of meeting or rediscovering your new love. Many wishes because many are the things that make our lives special, many are the people who accompany us during the course of it, making unique: a wish for your every desire and a wish for everyone who will celebrate with us, sparkling as the thousand facets of the sea.

You are part of our community, the people who make the world of Acqua dell’Elba so special because of their shared values, and our wish for you is to find once again this year, in the eyes of your loved ones, the joy of spending time together sharing the most important day of the year. Ours is a wish of happiness, yours and of the people around you, surrounded by that beauty you evidently recognise and appreciate every day by selecting our products. 

Happiness, for those choosing Acqua dell’Elba artifacts, is something that goes beyond the single moment, releasing its heat only bit by bit, lightly yet indelibly, filling every gesture without dominating it, just as our fragrances do. 

Sharing with Acqua dell’Elba the emotion of unwrapping your presents with your family means understanding this concept of happiness and donating it to others with notes of jasmine, helichrysum, acacia and orange blossoms, the Acqua dell’Elba essences convey a slow, relaxed sense of time, to be sweetly savoured like a sunny day on the beach or an afternoon under the Christmas tree, surrounded by your family. 

In the background, as our aquamarine packages are unwrapped, the magic of a “Note di Natale” Home fragrance diffuser, with its essences of oranges, tangerines and Scotch broom narrating a timeless Tuscan story, made of genuineness and love for craftsmanship. Honey, cinnamon, walnut and woods of the Mediterranean Maquis accompany your thoughts along a boulevard of memories, discovering always new desires and dreams, perhaps already fantasising about the next holidays. It is a celebration we would like to share with you, all of the many people who give meaning to our daily work. Best wishes!

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