“Note di Natale” Home Fragrance Diffuser and Candle, for a Home that “Feels” Like Tuscany

“Note di Natale” Home Fragrance Diffuser and Candle, for a Home that “Feels” Like Tuscany

“Note di Natale” Home Fragrance Diffuser and Candle, for a Home that “Feels” Like Tuscany

Where you are happy, you are at home, says a Tibetan proverb. Home is not just a place for the body, but even more so, a place for the soul, our thoughts, our memories, our families. Christmas is that time of the year when enhancing your home, making it warmer and more welcoming, becomes even more important, because a home that “feels” like Christmas is already a celebration in itself.


Some of us enjoy decorating every corner of our home with lights, garlands and Christmas mottoes, but you don’t need much to fill the atmosphere with sweetness: a small branch of hawthorn, some shiny silver balls of glass, an Acqua dell’Elba “Note di Natale” Home fragrance diffuser, and your living room and bedroom will shine full with your hearth’s light.


The essences of oranges, tangerines and woods of the Mediterranean Maquis engage the senses with the scent of the sea, while at the same time nuances of honey, cinnamon and walnuts recall the joy of those winter afternoons spent with our families, memories that stay with us since childhood precisely because they were made through fragrances.


Available in the 2500, 1000, 500, 200 and 100 ml formats, customisable with an engraving on the glass, the “Note di Natale” Home fragrance diffuser will fill your home with the typical essences of Tuscany, engaging it in its intense relationship with nature. The elegance of the design – in wood and glass – and the warm amber colour of the perfume make it the perfect gift for Christmas, as well as a refined item of home decor appropriate for any occasion. Ideal for a special gift is also the “Note di Natale” Room Spray in its 100 ml format.


Plain yet elegant, the “Note di Natale” Scented Candle is indeed perfect also for environments which require a touch of intimacy, where the light of a flame and the essences of jasmine and Scotch Broom may distend your thoughts. Available in the 1260, 425 and 180 g formats, this candle encloses all of the magic of fire and the sweetness of winter atmospheres, a hot-cold mix which is typical of the Christmas season.     


A home that “feels” like Christmas is a home that feels of Acqua dell’Elba, of its love for tradition, a word which acquires particular significance at this time of the year. Manufactued using artisanal methods, all of our products are also available in customisable gift packages, to be selected according to the personal tastes of the recipient.


There are a multitude of possible combinations for her, him as well as the kids, to be selected amongst eaux de parfum, body lotions and aftershave, all in elegant aquamarine-coloured packages: check all of our offers here ( and come enjoy with us the emotion of the scent of the sea.


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