Green week, Zero Emissions and “Tartalove”: the Sustainable Heart of Acqua dell’Elba

Green week, Zero Emissions and “Tartalove”: the Sustainable Heart of Acqua dell’Elba

Green week, Zero Emissions and “Tartalove”: the Sustainable Heart of Acqua dell’Elba

Saying “Toscana” is like saying craftsmanship, genuineness, elegance, beauty. A beauty that manifests itself everywhere, from the Art in the cities to the natural heritage, which finds in the transparent waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea its maximum sublimation. Acqua dell’Elba woks hard to convey all of this to people– the sense of the sea, the importance of tradition, the island as a coffer full of essences and memories – through its own products, under the ensign of sustainability. 

These, as well as many other topics, will be the subject of the “Green Week” taking place in Portoferraio from the 22nd to the 25th of November: the objective this year is to realise the program “Elba2035”, whose aim is to make Isola d’Elba even more attractive and sustainable in the years from now to 2035. Starting from the words of citizens, businesses and institutions taking part in the project, it is now time to act, putting in place the necessary measures to transform the good intentions contained in the Sustainability Manifesto into actual operations. 

A revolution which has already started at Acqua dell’Elba, having this year achieved the goal of neutralising its CO2 emissions through compensation (thanks to a collaboration with the energy and sustainability consultancy company AzzeroCo2), and aiming next year towards an actual reduction.

Aside from climate change, the company’s commitment is also towards protection of biodiversity, which is extremely varied on Isola d’Elba and includes treasures such as the hatching of Loggerhead Turtle eggs, a threatened species at risk of extinction in our local seas. To support their continued reproduction, on Elba and elsewhere, once again this year Acqua dell’Elba decided to renew its partnership with Legambiente and its “Tartalove” project dedicated to the rescue and care of sea turtles. This topic will be debated on the 25th of November during a dedicated event taking place on Isola d’Elba, in which Tartalove will showcase some of the projects they managed this year, thanks to donations such as this one. Among these projects, the restructuration of the Sea Turtle Rescue Centre in Manfredonia. 

To celebrate alongside its customers such an important result, Acqua dell’Elba has decided to prepare a gift for all those who wish: a “Tartalove”-branded 500 ml Home fragrance diffuser in a fragrance of choice, for online purchases worth at least 80 euros or more made on the official website. This promotion will start Monday, the 22nd of November and will last until Monday, the 29th of November. 

Should you wish to do even more, you may contribute directly to the cause. Donations may be made directly on the page , simply by fooling the instructions. A small gesture which will give everyone the chance of contributing to the safeguard of one of the rarest and most important ecosystems of the Mediterranean Ocean. Another piece of (sustainable) history we can make together!  

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