Personalised Gifts, the Essence of Christmas

Personalised Gifts, the Essence of Christmas

Personalised Gifts, the Essence of Christmas

What is a gift, if not a manifestation of love for another person? What meaning would the object packaged in the gift box have, were it not for the sentence that accompanies it? It would be somewhat like writing a book without its dedication, or inaugurating a city square without a name: without the declaration, what remains is only a gesture, and maybe that’s not enough for Christmas.


Indeed, this is the time of the year in which we allow ourselves something extra, especially when it comes to affection, often concentrating in one gift the feelings and desires of a whole lifetime. This is the reason Acqua dell’Elba gives you the chance of personalising the cards accompanying every gift box: because that small piece of cardboard, just a few square centimetres of acquamarine colour, may contain a meaning that goes beyond the essence of the gesture and the festivity, becoming the most precious and touching moment.


Hesitantly, hands caress the paper – smooth, coarse, maybe recycled, in accordance with the heart of the person in question – as the eyes pause full of commotion over a sentence, a wish, crystallising that moment in time: this is the true gift, the note of Christmas which rings louder than any other. 


Following the artisanal spirit that has always inspired it, Acqua dell’Elba will allow purchasers of its Christmas gifts to package them in customisable gift boxes containing their favourite products, or purchase pre-packaged gift boxes to be selected among many variants, as well as to accompany these gifts with an elegantly personalised card, perfect for a dedication to be conserved throughout the years.


A tradition enclosing the essence, indeed: that of Christmas and that of the Eaux de Parfum, the Home fragrance diffusers and of all the other Acqua dell’Elba products. 

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