“Generazione Mare” (“Generation: Sea”), the 5th Edition of the Acqua dell’Elba Arts Prize

“Generazione Mare” (“Generation: Sea”), the 5th Edition of the Acqua dell’Elba Arts Prize

“Generazione Mare” (“Generation: Sea”), the 5th Edition of the Acqua dell’Elba Arts Prize

Saturday the 28th of August (at 20:00) will be the inauguration date of the 5th edition of the Acqua dell’Elba Arts Prize, an event traditionally organised in collaboration with the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. A partnership born with the intent to reward the creativity and talent of young artists, helping them take their first steps in the world of professionalism. Thus, the students of the Brera Academy of Fine Arts have created twenty works of art (paintings, photographs, graphics, sculptures and multi-media) to be exhibited at the Torre della Linguella in Portoferraio – Isola d’Elba from the 28th of August until the 4th of September. 

Acqua dell’Elba has always shown great commitment towards the development of Beauty in all of its forms: aesthetic, experiential, social and cultural. The beauty of the sea, the source of inspiration for its fragrances, is the subject of the 2021 edition of its Arts Prize, titled “Generazione Mare” (“Generation: Sea”). Different points of view over an element which is above all a “concept”. A metaphor of what exists and what may occur, if we really will. The works on exhibition intend to represent the sea and beyond: they intend to act on their surroundings, to turn them into what they should auspiciously become. Sources of life and future well-being. For these reasons, we feel this exhibition as very close to our own way of being and operating as an enterprise. 

Our grateful thanks for this edition go first of all, as always, to the twenty extraordinary students who chose to take part in this effort. Then, we would like to thank the curator of the exhibition, Professor Maria Cristina Galli, Vice-director of the Academy, as well as the overall lead for the Arts Prize, Cristina Sammarco. Our heartfelt gratitude also goes out to the Director of the Academy, Professor Giovanni Iovine, and its President, Livia Pomodoro. 

During the course of the inauguration on Saturday the 28th of August, the three winning students will be rewarded with a scholarship funded by Acqua dell’Elba. Fabio Murzi, President of Acqua dell’Elba, explains: ‘We feel that this exhibition comes really close to our own way of being and thinking. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude towards the twenty extraordinary students who rose to this challenge, as well as to the three winners, of course. Their works of art will enrich not only the Acqua dell’Elba Arts Collection, but above all our cultural capital, thanks to which we are able to build, day after day, a wealth of values for ourselves and all the other stakeholders’. 


The exhibition is open every day, in accordance with the following visiting hours:

17:30 - 22:30 

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