“Essenza di un’Isola”: The “Voice” of Acqua dell’Elba

“Essenza di un’Isola”: The “Voice” of Acqua dell’Elba

“Essenza di un’Isola”: The “Voice” of Acqua dell’Elba

“Essenza di un’Isola”, the “voice” of Acqua dell’Elba is born. With the collaboration of the students of the Masters’ course in Journalism of the IULM University of Milan, we have created a publication capturing the culture, the people and the secrets of Isola d’Elba. A source of inspiration for many artists such as Luca Carboni with his “Mare Mare”, who features in an article narrating the story behind his popular song. Gaetano Curreri, leader of the band Stadio, relives his memories of the Seventies among the scents, colours and sounds of his beloved Isola d’Elba.

Throughout the pages of the publication, it is Isola d’Elba who reveals itself, walking along trailways enveloped in nature’s green and describing, step by step, all of its naturalistic beauties. An obligatory hike along the “Via dell’Essenza”, a journey of 127 kms along 12 trails extending around the whole perimeter of the Island, leading you to the discovery of its treasures.

Sea, nature, fragrances. Isola d’Elba is much more than this, so it continues its journey by diving deep into the art and history which abound on its territory. An important excursion, not only because of great contemporary artists, but also for men and women who left their signature on the past, such as Napoleon Bonaparte, Winston Churchill and Greta Garbo.

There is more about projects, collaborations, successes and still more about food, cinema, craftsmanship. The students of the Master’s course have given a whole new life to Isola d’Elba. Moreover, the collaboration with Acqua dell’Elba involves the award of scholarships, which partially contribute to the finances of the institute.

“Essenza di un’Isola” will be available in printed format at all Acqua dell’Elba shops, as well as in digital format, downloadable from our own website at this LINK


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