Habitat Refill Now -Acqua dell’Elba Thermal Canteen. Your sea, even more beautiful.

Habitat Refill Now -Acqua dell’Elba Thermal Canteen. Your sea, even more beautiful.

Habitat Refill Now -Acqua dell’Elba Thermal Canteen. Your sea, even more beautiful.

An excursion on bicycles, a stroll along the trails forming the Via dell’Essenza (“Essence Street”), a day out sailing, a dive into the sea. Backpack, beach towel, sun cream and from today, the beautiful Habitat Refill Now thermal canteen by Acqua dell’Elba!

  • Keeps drinks cold up to 24 hours and warm up to 12 hours
  • Stainless steel
  • 100% without BPAs, without plastic, without toxins
  • Bamboo and steel lid with watertight silicon seal (no plastic)
  • Ideal for any kind of drink, whether acidic or fizzy.
  • Wide opening for convenient use, perfect for the insertion of ice cubes and easy cleaning.
  • Allowed through airplane security checks

Presented during the occasion of the third edition of SEIF, our festival for the safeguard and development of the sea and its beauty, the Habitat Refill Now - Acqua dell’Elba thermal canteen is the first product created since Acqua dell’Elba turned itself into a Benefit Corporation. A crucial moment in the history of the enterprise, it is symbolically celebrated by a product which is an icon of the war on unrecyclable plastic and the extensive damage it causes to the sea ad the environment.

By using a canteen, you may reduce your plastic consumption by approximately 730 plastic bottles and around 78 kgs of CO2 per person, per year. By reducing the consumption of plastic, we will see a direct positive impact on the environment and our society as a whole. 

The Refill Now Habitat canteen means “environment” but also “experience”. Included in the package you will also find a very practical QR Code indicating the closest “Refill points” where you may fill your canteen up during an excursion on foot or with bicycles.

Refill Now is a sustainable project launched by an Italian start-up with a specific mission: “to revolutionise the way in which drinkable water is consumed” by helping private enterprises and touristic destinations to create alternative solutions to reduce the consumption of bottles and other plastic materials.

Refill Now has created a shared network of public water access points (fountains) as well as private (hotels, bars, partner restaurants), where tourists and citizens may refill their canteens, thus reducing the consumption of plastic. The innovative part of the project is the Refill Now Map, an interactive, multi-language map and navigation system which is connected to objects such as the canteens via the Refill Now QR Code, so as to make the Refill service easily accessible to all, without any need of downloading an app or sharing personal data.

With a simple scan over the QR code, anyone can gain access to the Refill Map easily and quickly, finding in just a few seconds the closest water access points.

Refill Now is a solution which reunites associations, municipalities, private enterprises and citizens in an effort to improve our negative impact on the planet by educating people towards adopting responsible practices during their every day lives as well as on holiday.

Would you like to join the Refill Now Community?

Always carry with you your Habitat Refill Now - Acqua dell’Elba thermal canteen, and help us reduce the consumption of plastic, protecting Nature and the Sea around us!


  • Capacity: 500 ml
  • Base ø: 3 cm
  • Mouth ø: 7 cm
  • Height: 21.5 cm
  • Weight: 276 g
  • Cleaning by hand recommended

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