Cosedamarebox: The Essence of Acqua dell’Elba

Cosedamarebox: The Essence of Acqua dell’Elba

Cosedamarebox: The Essence of Acqua dell’Elba

Acqua dell’Elba brings to you the ideal kit for your summer. “Cosedamarebox” is here: an elegant gift package whose name is a play on words based on “Things of the Sea” / “Things to Be Loved”, containing the 50 ml Classica Uomo Eau de Toilette, the 30 SPF Solar Care Body Lotion and the After-sun Body Lotion. A perfect combination to experience Acqua dell’Elba’s true essence, even whilst on holiday (

1st Step: Protection

The levels of protection afforded by the 30 SPF Solar Care Body Lotion are ideal to ensure a relaxing day on the beach or a walk through the sunny streets of a city. A light and comfortable product, created to caress your skin. A concentrate of active marine ingredients, algae and precious coral dust studied to protect your body while it is being exposed to the sun.

2nd Step: Moisturisation

After a long day enjoying the summer heat, it is important to repair and soothe our own skin. Acqua dell’Elba’s After-sun Body Lotion offers immediate relief after sun exposure thanks to its velvety texture, extending a pleasant sensation of freshness to your skin. Its fragrance is enriched with olfactive notes of a decidedly marine character, leaving your skin delicately scented after use.

3rd Step: Eau de Parfum

A drink on the terrace, a dinner on the shoreline, a romantic sunset stroll. Indelible memories of our summer are bound to the notes of a perfume. Cosedamarebox is crowned by the Classica Uomo Eau de Toilette in its practical 50 ml format. A fresh fragrance, enriched by notes of tangerines, lemons and rosemary combined with woody hints of moss and Mediterranean Maquis: the ideal companion for a relaxing holiday at the seaside, or to remind you of the essence of the sea, wherever you might be.

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