Acqua dell’Elba Joins Doria 1905: Here Comes the New Capsule Collection

Acqua dell’Elba Joins Doria 1905: Here Comes the New Capsule Collection

Acqua dell’Elba Joins Doria 1905: Here Comes the New Capsule Collection

The journey towards the discovery of sensations and evocations of the sea continues, alongside Acqua dell’Elba.

To start the new summer season, here is “Doria 1905 Sails with Acqua dell’Elba”, the new Capsule Collection by Acqua dell’Elba, inspired by the collaboration with Doria 1905. The historical brand from Salento finally drops anchor along the splendid coasts of Isola d’Elba. Two excellencies of “Made in Italy” artisanal craftsmanship unite, giving rise to two unique accessories: two hats, for him and for her, inspired by the sea and the colours of Acqua dell’Elba.

Two iconic models of the brand from Salento combine with the spirit of Acqua dell’Elba, coming together in what is a special co-branding partnership. From the laboratories of Doria 1905, in time for the 2021 Spring/Summer season, here comes the new Capsule Collection inspired by the essence of the sea and two enchanting beaches of Isola d’Elba: Sansone and Innamorata.

Innamorata: born as of out of a romantic legend, a beach cove made of golden sand and tiny pebbles faces the Gemini islands. A popular destination amongst snorkelling enthusiasts because of its clear waters and a seabed teeming with marine fauna. A location of undeniable appeal gives its name to the iconic “Drop” model, featuring a drop-shaped crown with wide brim, a “marine” interpretation of a classic, made of thinly woven pure linen canvas in Acqua dell’Elba’s own colour. Decorated with a “gros grain” in nuance, it has a white cotton piping to underline its freshness. The lining is particularly light, made of pure linen, characterising this as a handmade item which is at the same time classic and contemporary.

Sansone: one of the most beautiful and meaningful beaches of Isola d’Elba, where the white pebbles mix with wonderful marine transparencies as the shore remains secretly hidden in nature, thus invoking a particularly “wild” atmosphere. The beach of Samson lends its name to a classic “Drop” model with a medium brim from “casa Doria”, a true must of genderless elegance in linen and cotton. The internal band, of the same blue of the sea, bears the logo of both brands hand-emblazoned in golden lettering, a detail which makes it unique and sophisticated.

This collection, in limited edition, will be available online on Acqua dell’Elba’s official website, as well as in its flagship stores and the Doria 1905 boutique in Bologna.

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