Napoleon and Pauline, the Return of Limited-Edition Perfumes

Napoleon and Pauline, the Return of Limited-Edition Perfumes

Napoleon and Pauline, the Return of Limited-Edition Perfumes

On the 5th of May 1821, Napoleon died as an exile on the island of Saint Helena. Just a few years before that, in 1814, he had been exiled on Isola d’Elba. Amongst his brothers and family, the only one to visit the Emperor there was Pauline Bonaparte, a whimsical and eccentric person, a carefree lover of mundane events. 


After the great success of 2014, our special line of limited-edition perfumes is back: the “Napoleon Bonaparte” Eau de Parfum for him and the “Pauline Bonaparte” Eau de Parfum for her. The two fragrances, specially created to celebrate the occasion of the two-hundredth anniversary of the Emperor’s arrival on Isola d’Elba, have been now been re-issued to commemorate the 200 years that have passed since his death.


The core of the Napoleon and Pauline Bonaparte project is formed by the two works portraying Napoleon and Pauline over an aquamarine background, commissioned by Acqua dell’Elba to the beloved, late artist Silvano “Nano” Campeggi, the most important illustrator in the history of cinema billboards as well as a great enthusiast of the Emperor’s history, to which he devoted many of his studies and drawings over time.



Emperor of Elba from the 11th of April 1814 to the 26th of February 1815, he reunited for the first time an island which had always been divided up to that point. During these 10 months, Elba experienced a radical transformation, both from the point of view of urbanisation as well as from the economic, cultural and social ones.

However, Elba for Napoleon is something more than just the exercise of a mere temporal power: it’s a place of intimacy, discovery, transformation, regeneration. These are the emotions forming the inspiration behind the “Napoleon Bonaparte” Eau de Parfum.

A fresh, marine, aromatic yet woody masculine fragrance,

created with notes of:

lemon, cedar, myrtle and rosemary,

marine algae, lavender and juniper,

cypress wood, lentiscus wood and oak moss. (100 ml)



Famous for the vivacity of her character and her peculiarly eccentric personality, Pauline Bonaparte, favourite sister of the Emperor, was the only one amongst her brothers and family to visit Napoleon during the course of his exile on Elba.

A place, Isola d’Elba, where Pauline experienced a new type of mundanity, made of light-heartedness, serenity and magic. Such as the islet dedicated to her name, an authentic enchantment of crystalline waters and delicate aromas.

The harmony of a unique essence, which relives today in the “Pauline Bonaparte” Eau de Parfum.

A citrussy, marine, floral yet woody feminine fragrance,

created with notes of:

lemon, orange, mint,

basil, sea lily, juniper, geranium,

cedarwood and wood of the strawberry tree. (100 ml.).

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