A Perfume for Your Mother. Unforgettable as She Is

A Perfume for Your Mother. Unforgettable as She Is

A Perfume for Your Mother. Unforgettable as She Is

Every one of us has memories of the past, of objects or people who are connected to particular fragrances. The unmistakeable scent of our own mother remains one of the strongest memories we carry with us into our present. A unique sensation, immediately bound to a thousand recollections, from her goodnight hugs to her preparation of your lunch meal in the morning.


Every mother has her individuality, her way of selecting the ideal perfume for herself. It is not always easy to find the perfect combination, so we decided to give you a little recommendation. Why not go for a product with a unique fragrance, an original, ideal gift to celebrate your love for your mother? Among its products, Acqua dell’Elba offers Hyaluronic Acid Body Lotion in the Classica, Arcipelago and Blu Donna fragrances; a moisturising lotion characterised by distinctively scented notes, which reinforces the hydro-lipidic barrier of the skin, achieving deep moisturisation. In order to prepare the skin to efficiently receive the moisturisation it needs, it is important to correctly perform some skin exfoliation, to purify and smoothen it. Thanks to our Delicate Exfoliating Body Scrub, skin immediately appears to be softer and brighter, enveloped by a marvellous fragrance providing a sudden sense of relaxation.


For those who would prefer donating one of our fragrances, there is a selection of perfumes created on Isola d’Elba with our artisanal manufacturing techniques.

Regardless of the fragrance, whether sweet or intense, floral or spiced, the best perfume is always your mother’s, indelibly fixed in your memories forever.

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