Acqua dell’Elba Solar Care: Protection from the Sea

Acqua dell’Elba Solar Care: Protection from the Sea

Acqua dell’Elba Solar Care: Protection from the Sea

What better sensation could there be than feeling the warmth of sun rays on your skin as you lie on the beach, or feeling the sea breeze accompany you along a walk, deep inside the green of Isola d’Elba? To fully enjoy the summer sun, solar care products become an indispensable “accessory” when it comes to keeping your skin safe. For this reason, Acqua dell’Elba developed a whole line dedicated to people who love experiencing life in the open air.

A line dedicated to lovers of the sea, a concentrate of active marine ingredients, algae and precious coral dust, studied for safe exposure to the environment. Our experience in creating products that are inspired from the sea has given rise to ideal formulas for the preparation, protection and care of your skin in every season.



What’s the best way to prepare your skin for exposure to the sun? Exfoliation. If you’re looking for a full tan and smooth, silky skin, we recommend our Delicate Body Exfoliating Scrub; remembering the importance of iconic fragrances such as Classica Donna, Arcipelago Donna and Blu Donna, perfect for those who love enjoying the seaside to the fullest.



A luxurious line of solar care lotions studied to moisturise and protect your skin during the peak hours of sunshine. Formulas specifically developed for the body (SPF 15, SPF 30, SPF 50+), enriched with the Ultra Marine Complex composed by hyaluronic acid, coral algae and a Marine Cocktail full of soothing, anti-aging properties.



After spending a long day on the boat lulled by the waves. Or after spending a day on the beach reading a good book sipping something fresh, what’s missing indeed? An After-Sun Moisturising Lotion, studied to sooth the skin after prolonged exposure to the sun and give it that luminescence which exalts your sun tan.

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