ELBA 2035: A New Future for Our Island

ELBA 2035: A New Future for Our Island

ELBA 2035: A New Future for Our Island

Elba 2035 originated as a local territory listening and engagement project, with the aim of drafting the first Sustainability Manifesto for Isola d’Elba. In collaboration with EY, a global network of professional management consultancy services, Acqua dell’Elba launched a participatory debate through which the main priorities for the future were defined. The project began with the intent of giving the local territory a direct say over a desired vision of the future, to raise the Elban quality of life to new levels through the realisation of a Manifesto for the Environmental, Social and Economic Sustainability of the Territory.


Elba 2035: The Third Encounter

An encounter took place on the 26th of March, the third (and last) appointment of Elba 2035, to complete the final draft of a document addressing the development of the natural beauties and resources of the Island. A Manifesto of Values, capable of turning the local territory into a sustainable destination which is even more attractive for tourists. The entire debate focussed around three main topics (landscape, territory and environment; sustainable tourism; culture, identity and lifestyle), with the purpose of developing a new promotion strategy of the local territory which also takes into account sustainability.

The main keywords of the encounter? Future, Sustainability, Territory. The most important stakeholders from the sectors of the environment, infrastructure, management of natural resources, culture, tourism and education of Isola d’Elba came together to achieve one of the largest and most important projects ever seen in the local Elban territory.

We are all now curiously looking forward to the III edition of SEIF (Sea Essence International Festival), starting on the 2nd of July 2021, to discover the contents of this eagerly awaited document. The same day shall also see the presentation of various projects started by participants of Elba 2035 as their first step in the actuation of the plan.

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