Tartalove: Our Project for the Safeguard of Sea Turtles

Tartalove: Our Project for the Safeguard of Sea Turtles

Tartalove: Our Project for the Safeguard of Sea Turtles

Acqua dell’Elba’s care towards its environment has always been a top priority of the company. Thus, it wasn’t late in lending support to Legambiente’s initiative. “Tartalove” was born to safeguard the habitat of sea turtles through a variety of projects for the restoration, care and surveillance of their nesting sites. In addition, a series of educational and awareness initiatives were also carried out amongst the local population as well as, especially, amongst tourists.

This collaboration began with the aim of paying greater attention to our territory. Our commitment and our passion towards the protection and development of the beauties of Isola d’Elba are of the utmost importance among Acqua dell’Elba’s priorities. Indeed, thanks to the funds that were raised, the project became a story with a happy ending. One specimen of Loggerhead Sea Turtle was accidentally captured, then appeared to have some immersion difficulties. After it was freed of the plastic fragments contained in its intestines, our turtle was set free again, becoming the symbol of the project as well as a mascot of Isola d’Elba.


“Isola d’Elba” Home Fragrance Diffuser (500 ml)

In support of such an important project, we decided to devolve 10% of the purchase price of every “Isola d’Elba” 500 ml Home fragrance diffuser sold with a customised “Tartalove” snout. These funds will be used for the financing of Sea Turtle Rescue Centres, for surveillance activities of the nesting sites on the beaches and for medical care provided to endangered specimens. Furthermore, by clicking on the following link, you may also contribute by adopting your own Sea Turtle.

True change can only happen when the awareness of adults and kids is radically raised towards the importance of safeguarding these endangered species. The presence of plastics in the sea and the behaviour of tourists are some of the main causes of the degradation we see in our territory. This is therefore an initiative aimed at raising everyone’s awareness, in the hope of a more careful and sustainable future.

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