The longing for spring blooms at Easter.

The longing for spring blooms at Easter.

The longing for spring blooms at Easter.

Like every year, and possibly even more so this year, Easter brings with it a strong urge to enjoy the fresh and stimulating scent of spring. A season that fosters the desire to be outdoors, among the scents of flowers and the feeling of freshness and serenity that they convey.

This holiday has traditionally ushered in the warmer time of the year and the tourist season on our beautiful island. Therefore, we have chosen to talk about the three floral scents belonging to our range of home fragrances.

Let's start with FIORI: a bouquet where notes of broom and helichrysum, myrtle and jasmine are blended with those of marine cistus and Mediterranean scrub, giving the sensation of walking along a flowery path, caressed by a light wind carrying the invigorating scent of the sea below us.

GIGLIO DELLE SABBIE takes us off the path and onto a beautifully secluded beach, where the white purity of this fragile wonder of nature stands out: notes of freesia, gardenia, lily-of-the-valley and cistus to create a bouquet of rare freshness.

We follow the path again to admire the island from above and we immerse ourselves in the bouquet of PROFUMI DEL MONTE CAPANNE, a natural environment where rare, precious natural species reveal the essence of an island boasting an unforgettable spirit. Its intense harmony encompasses the floral notes of cornflower and honeysuckle, violet, juniper and orchid, followed by the woody notes of chestnut and yew.

Each fragrance is available in different products and formats:
Home fragrances - 250 ml, 500 ml and 2500 ml;
Room Spray - 100 ml.
Scented candle - 180 g, 425 g and 1260 g.


Finally, to give your home all the freshness of spring just in time for Easter, one more suggestion is to use our FRAGRANCES FOR FABRICS: available in two bouquets, MARE and GIARDINO DEGLI ARANCI, they can be sprayed on curtains and sofa covers, sheets and tablecloths, cushions and scarves to immerse yourself in the pleasant sensation of living in a house overlooking a wonderful corner of Elba, amidst the scents of the sea and citrus groves.
A sensation that we hope you will soon experience in person: we look forward to welcoming you here.

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