ELBA 2035: a forward-looking idea of sustainability.

ELBA 2035: a forward-looking idea of sustainability.

ELBA 2035: a forward-looking idea of sustainability.

Acqua dell'Elba's commitment to concrete projects aimed at environmentally and socially responsible development will culminate on 26th March. On that date, Elba2035 proceedings will come to a close and the first Elba Sustainability Manifesto will be drafted. (link a post precedente)

This strong institutional signal, acknowledging the importance of sustainability within effective future planning, has once again confirmed the validity of a vision that we have long applied to all our actions.

2021 will indeed be a year full of commitments in this regard: first and foremost, the official presentation of the Elba2035 Manifesto, which will take place during the third edition of SEIF - Sea Essence International Festival (Marciana Marina, from 2nd to 4th July).

In order to underline how the commitment to building a better world must first of all start from individual actions, Acqua dell'Elba decided to change its business name and become a Benefit Corporation. This means, as described on the Assobenefit website, integrating into its corporate purpose not only the profit motive, but also a positive impact on society and the environment.

The Sustainability Report is being drawn up to certify what the company has done so far in this field. It will attest the economic, social and environmental results obtained in the last year to all those interested in Acqua dell'Elba's activities.

Finally, to emphasise our sustainable approach with a concrete metaphor, the "Le Vie dell'Essenza" project will be further developed to enhance the trails guiding tourists and nature enthusiasts through the olfactory sensations that gave rise to our project to capture the essence of the sea in a bottle.

After all, this is the only way to build a sustainable future: step by step and keeping in mind that the ultimate goal is the well-being of us all.

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