Every Woman is “Preziosa”, Every Woman has her Perfume.

Every Woman is “Preziosa”, Every Woman has her Perfume.

Every Woman is “Preziosa”, Every Woman has her Perfume.

Women, their strength, and their way of dealing with life should be saluted every day of the year, and the 8th of March in particular is the day on which it becomes important to celebrate their essence.

Or, indeed, their essences: because no woman is identical to any other, every woman loves to enjoy the pleasure of changing without becoming trapped into a precise definition, and each one of them expresses, every day, a variety of facets forming her personality.
For every type or style of woman, Acqua dell’Elba has thought of a perfume and collected them all in the “Preziosa Package”: the ideal gift for a woman who loves to change, or a dinner party idea meant for her to find out with her friends which fragrance best suits each of their personalities.

In Classica Donna’s floral bouquet, the flowers of orange, myrtle, gardenia and jasmine are exalted by notes of marine rockrose and woods of the Mediterranean Maquis. Raw materials laden with great tradition, for a woman who loves to distinguish herself through a timeless elegance.

It is not easy to try to always be yourself while navigating through days full of business appointments and family commitments, whilst also attempting to seek some moments to dedicate to your own well-being. The woman who loves Arcipelago always manages to do so, following the scent of a perfume accompanying her days as if she was navigating through the islands of the Tuscan sea, among fruity, woody and floral notes which are able to re-awaken all of the natural atmosphere and poetry of that environment.
There are women who carry in their eyes the irresistible call of the sea, who know how to use their determined, mysterious personality to convey the attraction they feel for the truest aspects of existence. For them we created Blu, with its floral and woody notes, its hints of fig trees and sea lilies, solid as the cedarwood and juniper on which it bases its deep harmony with nature.

Naturally seductive, the woman who loves Smeraldo’s bouquet has a secret appeal which, just like that of ancient enchantresses, lives in the most precious gems and the flowers she loves to surround herself with. In her perfume there are notes of gardenia and magnolia, lemon and bergamot, and geranium together with the woods of the boxwood and lentisk trees.
Hints of sea salt and citrus fruits, scents of marine algae transported by the wind together with those of myrtle flowers, cedarwood and water moss…the woman who loves Acqua’s bouquet, the perfume for him and for her, does so because in its absolute transparency it manages to reawaken, even during the most frenetic of metropolitan days, the sensations of harmony she remembers sharing with the person she most loves.

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