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Discovery Box: the most convenient way to choose a perfume.

Discovery Box: the most convenient way to choose a perfume.

Discovery Box: the most convenient way to choose a perfume.

Choosing a perfume is an activity that needs time and reflection: indeed, the first one you appreciate might not always be the most capable of fully expressing your personality.

To facilitate this decision process Acqua dell’Elba launched the Discovery Box project, an initiative which has immediately garnered huge interest on the part of our e-commerce clients.

The first step is kid’s play; indeed, it is a game: a short test created with the collaboration of our shopping assistants (you may find it at this link, or by interacting with us through Messenger).

You need to choose some images which connect every perfume to somebody’s personality, their lifestyle and the ways they experience their relationship with the sea, of which Acqua dell’Elba’s perfumes represent the essence.

The result of this test leads to a suggestion of an Acqua dell’Elba fragrance you may choose to either purchase directly, or try at home.

The test will lead you to a page where you may select a sample of the suggested perfume, as well as two other you can compare it with: the three samples will directly reach your home, packaged in the elegant Discovery Box together with information leaflets for each of our products.

Together with the package, you will also receive a special one-time code giving you the right to a 9 Euros discount (equal to the cost of the Discovery Box, 3 Euros + mailing expenses) on the 100 ml Eau de Parfum you may choose to purchase.

See you on our website or Facebook page, to play together and help you find the right perfume for yourselves!

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