A Piece of my Heart Inside Your Gift: for Saint Valentine’s Day, #AClassicLoveSentence.

A Piece of my Heart Inside Your Gift: for Saint Valentine’s Day, #AClassicLoveSentence.

A Piece of my Heart Inside Your Gift: for Saint Valentine’s Day, #AClassicLoveSentence.

For the most classic of traditions relating to love, here is a gift that truly offers something more, with its customisation options and free travel format. 

A perfume is probably the most intimate, personal present two people who love each other can give, especially on this day which is most classically devoted to couples. The sense of smell is biologically connected to the attraction which is at the basis of every love relationship, and the notes of a particular perfume may recall to mind moments, situations and emotions shared with the person who was wearing it.

So, to make this bond even more apparent, this year Acqua dell’Elba has decided to celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day by offering a truly romantic gift box, even more so if combined with the customisation of the two glass bottles by glass engraving.

With the Saint Valentine’s Day Gift Box, when you purchase a 100 ml bottle of the Classica Donna Eau de Parfum for your partner, you will also receive as a free gift for yourself a 15ml bottle of the same perfume in its masculine version, or vice versa a 15 ml bottle of the feminine perfume will be sent as a gift to customers purchasing the 100 ml bottle of the Classica Uomo Eau de Parfum for their partner. Besides highlighting the commonality of taste and sensibility between the people exchanging this gift, both seeking those values of authenticity and craftsmanship which have always underscored the world of Acqua dell’Elba Classica, the combination of the two masculine and feminine versions of the fragrance suggests the possibility of vaporising your partner’s perfume in the air, to feel them close even when they are away, perhaps on a business trip.

One extra recommendation to make this gift truly unforgettable is the possibility of customising both bottles with an anagram, a name, a short sentence making even more evident the bond that you wish to highlight with this particular Saint Valentine’s Day present. Follow us on our social media during the next few days: we will share classic love stories, suggest scented quotations for your engravings, and invite you to show us what you chose as #AClassicLoveSentence

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