While you were lending us your precious assistance in finding her a name, in the Sea Turtle Centre of Manfredonia, Elba was spending her time dreaming. Yes, “Elba” indeed. Because in the end, this was the most popular name* suggested for the mascot of our collaboration with Legambiente’s Tartalove project.

Elba was dreaming about soon returning to her own sea. She was dreaming of swimming among the waves, roaming free from plastic and other things that are dangerous for her and her friends. She was dreaming that other turtles who were in trouble could find somebody to take care of them.

Together, step by step, wave after wave, we are helping Elba turn her dreams into reality. On Saturday 10 October, our mascot will be released into the Mediterranean by the staff of the Sea Turtle Centre, while we keep you updated about this wonderful moment through our social media channels.

In the meantime, with your help, we are contributing to the realisation of Elba’s other dreams: until the 31st of December, for every purchase of a 500ml “Isola d’Elba” home fragrance diffuser (with a customised snout bearing the “Tartalove” logo), we will devolve 10% of the proceeds to Tartalove, in favour of its safeguard and rescue activities of sea turtles and their hatchlings.

These activities need all of our participation, and may be directly supported also through donations to the project and the symbolic adoption of a turtle: Speranza, Romeo, Futura and Ovetto shall thus be able to swim freely alongside Elba.

*You have all been extremely generous, suggesting almost 200 different names all supported by extremely interesting motivations: some of you chose “Libera” in memory of their grandmother, some of you took inspiration from the movie “Finding Nemo” to suggest the name “Guizzo” / “Squirt”, some of you enriched our knowledge by suggesting names of exotic Turtle divinities, some of your kids suggested funny names like “Ghiù”…However, “Elba” seemed to be a constant recurrence, occurring every 4/5 comments, so we decided to go for simplicity and immediacy, also motivated by the love we have for our island, its sea and the wonderful creatures which inhabit it.

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