Today we’d like to share an interview we conducted with another important personality closely connected to Isola d’Elba: Sister Silvia Biglietti, the heart and soul of the association “L’Isola Che C’e’” (“Foreverland”) and of the project “L’Elba del Vicino” (“Neighbours of Elba”).

Our encounter with Sister Silvia immediately kicks off with a very interesting concept: ‘Look at the present, starting from the future’. A concept which is then applied to current topics, especially in connection with the role the youth can perform in fostering innovation: ‘We zre worried about employment, the economy, but especially about involving those who will truly have the possibility of being active in the present as well as in the future, that is to say, the youth. I think Elba should place a lot of trust in its younger generations and be ready to take risks with them, on them, for them’.

Sister Silvia has valid reasons to believe in the youth: ‘Young people are more capable of sensing where innovation could lie. "This period helped us understand how efficiently technological innovation may help shorten distances. Today we are being asked to maintain physical distancing, but it is precisely such distancing which has kept Isola d’Elba far away from everyone.’

That’s not all: ‘Technological innovation’, concludes Sister Silvia, ‘may also become social innovation, by helping us understand the necessities of real people more efficiently. It is indeed from their true necessities that new solutions may be found, building relationships, connections which form the basis of true well-being, made not only of consumerism but also enjoyment of the good life’.

Meanwhile, between one interview and the other, the 1 st of July webinar on sustainability and local territory is approaching fast: keep following and click the  participation link.

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