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The most beautiful emotion we have felt since launching the initiative #CONILMARENELCUORE has without doubt come from the great atmosphere of involvement driven by its mission, conveying the enthusiasm of all Elbans and people who love Isola d’Elba towards the concrete objective of helping the hospital face the COVID19 emergency.

Associations, groups of friends and private citizens have all demonstrated great generosity towards the island we all love, so have many people who come on holiday here and are now dreaming about returning soon to visit our beaches, whilst they breathe in the essence of the sea in their own homes.

Within a few days we have long exceeded any expectation, and now that we are close to reaching the sum of 100.00 euros, we have decided to accept an invitation we received from Elisabetta Cillerai, an Elban entrepreneur: “Alzare l’Asticella” (“Raising the Bar”), which consists in all of us donating a symbolic amount. The original proposal was 1 euro, less than the cost of a coffee, but the minimum donation on the GoFundMe platform is 5 euros.

Then, we thought about the fact that five is also the number of working days comprised in a regular working week, which is equal to a coffee for every day we are forced to stay at home to preserve everybody’s health. Our new invitation to everyone therefore became GIVE ME FIVE #CONILMARENELCUORE: a small contribution of solidarity, which is also a way for all of us to compliment ourselves and our friends about what we have accomplished so far. Because even just staying at home, renouncing the daily coffee we drink in front of our office or factory, we contribute to a faster conclusion of the current emergency. So, give me five! To donate your five euros to the project “Aiutiamo l’Isola d’Elba e l’Italia” (“Let’s Help Isola D’Elba and Italy”), you may click directly here.

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