The bouquets of Acqua dell’Elba’s artisanal perfumes all harmonise notes pertaining to different olfactive families: there are marine notes and woody notes, spiced notes and fruity notes, there is a floral family and a fruity family of scents.

Today in this post we’d like to talk about the floral olfactive family. Generally assimilated to feminine fragrances, this family also includes fragrances capable of smoothening the hardness of woods or the intensity of spices, thus revealing all of its nuances even in various masculine fragrances. What’s more, each flower has a characteristic which makes it unique: we will try to describe it, inviting you to discover it within the bouquets present inside our fragrances.

Acacia, that is to say, the small white blossoms of the robinia pseudoacacia, or black locust tree. A sweet fragrance, resonating with the tepid May evenings of this plant’s flowering season, which you can find in the bouquet of the perfume Arcipelago Donna.

Gardenia. This flower which carries an intense, velvety fragrance was the inspiration behind many books and songs connected with elegant female figures, rich in seduction and appeal. Just like those described by Classica Donna and Arcipelago Donna.

Geranium. Even better, wild geranium: its small pink flowers, less beautiful and decorative than the ones we traditionally place on our balconies, create tonic notes similar to roses, which resonate in the bouquets of our fragrances Sport and Smeraldo.

Helichrysum, sun and gold: the flowers of this plant bloom during the warmest months of the year amidst the sun-kissed rocks of our shorelines, regaling us with a fragrance carrying rich olfactive notes of straw and honey, leather and curry, dried and candied fruit, which you can all find in Arcipelago Donna, Blu Donna and the Kids’ fragrance.

Jasmine. The aroma of these small flowers marks the start of summer, bringing along the fascination and seduction of evenings spent in fresh Middle Eastern gardens, or enjoyed during Mediterranean vacations elsewhere. This is the reason you can find it in the bouquets of many Acqua dell’Elba perfumes, both feminine (Classica Donna, Arcipelago Donna, Blu Donna) and masculine (Arcipelago Uomo, Blu Uomo), as well as in those intended for women as well as men (Sport and Acqua).

Lemon. The flower of the lemon tree encloses among its petals the first awakening of the summer’s effervescent and energetic power, and it is capable of maintaining this fragrance for a longer time than the peel, as is the case for the bouquet of Classica Uomo.

Lily of the Valley (“Mughetto” in Italian). The Russian Poet Samuil Marsak once described the scent of the Lily of the Valley as a “happy melancholy”, though it owes its name to the notes of nutmeg, “noix musquette”, typically present in its bouquet. You will find it in Arcipelago Uomo and Sport.

Magnolia. Similar to lemon, the scent of Magnolia has enchanted Europe since its first appearance. Noble and elegant, the romantic flower “par excellence”, the magnolia flower lends its characteristics to the bouquet of Smeraldo.

Myrtle. Intense and inebriating, the fragrance of myrtle flowers is very similar to that released by the leaves of this same evergreen shrub, as it pervades the air of Mediterranean coasts during the months of June and July. You will find it within the bouquets of Classica Donna and Acqua.

Orange. The blossoms of which are also called “Zagare”, their scent is connected with fecundity and purity. This is the reason why it is often used in the flower bouquets of brides, as well as in the bouquets of Classica Donna and Arcipelago Donna.

Rose. The queen of flowers, it has been cultivated since 2,300 B.C., lauded by the greatest poets of every epoch, used to scent the baths of royals and decorate their walkways, and is now present among the proud notes of our male fragrance Altrove.

Rosemary. The small azure / violet flowers of this aromatic plant bloom in the midst of summer, capturing among their petals, in a more delicate way, the same tonifying olfactive characteristics found in the thin leaves of this Mediterranean shrub carrying the name of sea dew. We enclosed its fragrance in the first of our perfumes, Classica Uomo.

Sea chamomile. This small daisy which blooms in small “pillows” along the Thyrrenian coast has truly ancient roots: it was already known in ancient Greece through the name Anthemis, when people appreciated the tenuous notes of its relaxing fragrance. Notes you can also find in the bouquet of Blu Donna.

Sea lily. The miracle which renews itself every year on the beaches of our island, a protected species, is recreated using a mix of oils which recall its characteristic scent of jasmine (in Spain it is called "jacinto de mar"). You will find it in Blu Donna, Blu Uomo and Sport.

Tangerine. Its small, delicate blossoms release into the air a subtle scent, the most delicate among citrus plants, which is full of elegance and grace. Characteristics which it also lends to the bouquet of Classica Uomo.


What about you? Which one of these flowers is the one which best describes your personality? 

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