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Among the core values forming Acqua dell’Elba’s personality, craftsmanship has a central role. This is a choice deeply rooted in Tuscan history and tradition and therefore it is also deeply bound to another important value, the connection with territory.

The tradition of Tuscan artisanal perfumery, deeply connected to the research performed for alchemic sciences, had strong roots in the court of the Medicis, so much so that when Caterina de’ Medici married the King of France, the scented spheres she brought with her immediately fascinated Parisian nobility, contributing to the birth of the French perfumery industry.

This ancient Tuscan tradition can be recognised in the production processes employed by Acqua dell’Elba, characterised by limited production and a strong presence of the human factor tgroughout the whole production cycle, from bottling to packaging.

The idea of starting a business taking inspiration from ancient artisanal boutiques was indeed, from the beginning, a way to underline the importance humanity and its creations can have in praising the beauty and harmony of nature.

Choosing non-invasive production techniques such as our artisanal process is a way to defend and promote not only the local natural heritage, but culture as well: the know-how which is typical of craftsmanship forms the basis for every creative process intending to increase and further beauty around the world.

This is the reason Acqua dell’Elba promotes innovation and creativity not only in the production of its perfumes, but also by cultivating its relationship with the world of arts. This topic will soon be the subject of an article on our blog: the beginning of celebrations for our twentieth anniversary is approaching, so we will also have many updates to share about this too.

Keep following us on the blog and on our social networks to always keep informed about the latest initiatives organised to celebrate 20 years of devotion to the essence of the sea.

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