Perfume is a gift which reinforces the bond between two people, allowing them to feel their own choice on the skin of the other one. This is why choosing a perfume as a gift for one’s partner means knowing their personality, their tastes and their preferences very well. If you recognise your love among these micro-stories illustrated by a backstage picture of our TV advertisement set, write to us in the comments, whether here or on our social channels. Or better yet, tell us your story and which perfume it stands for!

A “Classica” Love Story.
She is an elegant, refined lady capable of tastefully choosing everything that surrounds her. He is a lover of golf and classical music. They met by coincidence, at an art fair, and immediately found themselves dining together at an elegant restaurant in the city centre. When their first Saint Valentine’s day came, they were each holding a small Acqua dell’Elba shopper in their hands. She chose Classica Uomo for him and he chose Classica Donna for her. When they noticed, they smiled and hugged each other.

An “Arcipelago” of Seduction
Always in a hurry between a business meeting and a session at the gym, between a kids’ play-date and a moment to be shared with friends, he and she never forget they are first of all a couple. A couple capable of finding themselves amidst the archipelago of commitments that constitutes their every day, who is capable of recognising themselves in a fragrance in order to continue seducing each other with the memories it evokes. Memories of the sea, beauty and holidays such as those enclosed in our bottles o Arcipelago, for him and for her.

The Deep “Blu” of Our Feelings
Because he loves his independence, he has always maintained a steady course in all decisions of his life, from his job to his feelings, just like when he’s at the helm of his sailing boat. She has some stories in her past, maybe even some important ones, but they all belong to her past. Because the present now is only hers and the future…The future might lead them to meet one day, shrouded in the mystery of a love as deep as the “Blu” of the deepest sea.

Love as a “Sport”
Every encounter is a challenge, for these two. A challenge against time when they go running to keep fit in the park of the big city where they live, a challenge against each other when they’re on the golf course, a challenge against the wind when they sail together with their friends in a regatta…Their love was also sparked by a challenge, but they still don’t know who was the winner. Maybe both of them, since they now share the same perfume, for him and for her.


A Story as Transparent as “Acqua”.
They never loved blending in among the crowd. Partly because they always try to avoid crowded places and events, and partly because even when they do go to these places, it’s not easy to ignore them. That’s why they immediately recognised each other when they met at that party: he was fascinated by her sophisticated allure, she was enticed by his deep, yet transparent gaze. Just like the water of that isolated cove where they spent their first weekend together, surrounded only by the sea, immersed in the sun and enchanted by the marine notes of the perfume they bought each other on their way back.

Love Outside the Box.
Nobody would ever have bet on the success of their relationship. She, constantly immersed in her readings or sitting in the darkness of a cinema being transported by tales of faraway places, if not walking on the beach with the air of somebody who just doesn’t have time to think about love. He always with that dark, steely air about him, the man who didn’t need to ask anybody for anything because he knew how to get what he wanted. And what he wanted was certainly nothing ordinary. Who knows, maybe that’s why they found each other: she was looking for Elsewhere (“Altrove”), he was attracted by her seductive eyes the colour of precious Emerald (“Smeraldo”).



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