The scent of the sea is in Paris.

The scent of the sea is in Paris.

The scent of the sea is in Paris.

For the second year in a row, Acqua dell’Elba will bring its scent of the sea to one of the top international fairs for home furniture and décor: from the 17th to the 21st of January we will in fact be present at Maison & Objet in Paris.

Well aware of the importance olfactory décor is assuming in the imagination of the public, helping them define the identity of a room even beyond merely tactile and visual aspects, Maison et Objet has dedicated to Home Fragrances the entire space of Pavilion 5, where Acqua dell’Elba perfumes will be featured in stand E18/F17.

Acqua dell’Elba’s home products (from candles to home fragrance diffusers, from fragrances for textiles to room sprays) are already featured on the website of the event, but our stand will be the place to find us to talk about and experience all of our world, including the full product range of all our flagship stores throughout Italy.

After the recent announcement of its collaboration with Paris Design Week and NYCxDesign, the New York salon which hosted us last year in conjunction with Azimut Yacht’s spectacular installation in Times Square, this year Maison et Objet truly becomes part of a great international circuit of events dedicated to the most recent trends in design, capable of resonating with an audience who is increasingly demanding in terms of quality.

A cosmopolitan audience, who loves products created with artisanal care, which are capable of speaking with authenticity about increasingly shared values such as the beauty of the sea, the search for its essence and the safeguard of its nature. Values which also inspire the young creators to whom Maison et Objet chose to dedicate the main theme of its event, “(RE)GENERATION”, a theme which has always represented the fundaments of Acqua dell’Elba’s brand identity.

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