All the magical moments in a year to be remembered.

All the magical moments in a year to be remembered.

All the magical moments in a year to be remembered.

The end of a year is a time when everybody thinks back to the things they have done, cherishing in their memory the nicest moments of the past twelve months and the people they shared them with. We would also like to do that by looking back at the blog posts through which, week after week, we told you everything that was happening in Acqua dell’Elba’s world, a world encapsulating all the essence of the sea.

Let’s begin with the Essence of Marketing, the series of interviews we chose to open 2019, which featured true captains of industry and commerce, both Italian and international: from marketing guru Philip Kotler to the communications strategist Martin Lindstrom, from Eataly’s founder Giorgio Farinetti to Massimo Caporuscio of Unilever.

Spring brought the blooming of a new line of Solar Care products, just as we also received the wonderful news that Acqua dell’Elba entered the list of 100 Top Italian Products with its Classica perfume. Though the greatest satisfaction always comes from meeting other people: so, throughout the days of May during which the Versilia Yachting Rendez Vous was taking place, together with our friend Maurizio Di Maggio we interviewed the top players of the Italian luxury yachting world. Starting from our friends at Azimut Yachts, who gave us the emotion of sharing their presence in Times Square, New York, where they parked one of their vessels carrying our essence of the sea.

The season was steadily enriched by multiple encounters: those involving members of our Community, now numbering more than 2,000 loyal friends happy to be involved in the initiatives we offered them during the summer, as well as those with people who helped us make more memorable the most important moments of the season.

So it was for SEIF – Sea Essence International Festival, the initiatives connected to the world of arts, the newly inaugurated Cinematographic Festival of Isola d’Elba through which we met writers, musicians, scientists, university professors who shared our love for the sea and for Elba island, as well as the desire to jointly build future plans and projects capable of communicating the idea that with commitment, dedication, and daily effort it is possible to carefully create something which is capable of improving our lives.

A desire we will carry into the new year, for which we have great plans that we can’t wait to share with you during the first days of January.


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