Tiny Scented Presents Under the Tree.

Tiny Scented Presents Under the Tree.

Tiny Scented Presents Under the Tree.

Sometimes it just so happens that you realise you left somebody out of your list of presents at the last minute. Somebody you’d like to surprise with a gift capable of conveying all your affection, an elegant and thoughtful tribute which is not too much of a commitment. Our online store, our flagship stores and other Acqua dell’Elba distributors are all places where you can find a solution to this need.

Starting from the small shell-shaped scented chalks which release a delicate marine bouquet of lemons, rosemary, sea lily, marine rockrose and woods of the Mediterranean Maquis. Otherwise, Mare and Giardino degli Aranci are the two fragrances released by the scented ceramics you can place in your drawers and wardrobes, maybe after having used them as decorations on your tree, enhancing its scent as well as its appearance.

Also around the same price, you can choose the shower gels and shampoos which are available in every main fragrance on our catalogue, while the scrub of our solar care range, produced without any microplastics in anticipation of forthcoming European regulations for the safeguard of the sea, could be the ideal present for your environmentally conscious friend.

If you forgot to buy two gifts instead of just one, maybe for that couple who shares such similar tastes, you may opt for a MIA package, Acqua dell’Elba’s big hit of the year: two 15ml bottles of Classica, Arcipelago or Blu, which could also be an ideal present for those who enjoy travelling and wish to bring a bottle of perfume with themselves, leaving the other one at home or at the hotel.

Another option is the package with our 15ml room sprays, which are available exclusively in the gift boxes containing two 100ml home fragrances: the most popular variant this holiday season so far is the one pairing Mare and Note di Natale.

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