Christmas on Isola d’Elba.

Christmas on Isola d’Elba.

Christmas on Isola d’Elba.

Christmas on Isola d’Elba can be a truly fascinating experience, a way to connect with the essence of an island rich in traditions, history and ancient, solid values. All of these things risk going unnoticed during the solar, festive days of summer, when they are overcome by the dazzling beauty of the sun, by the colours of the sea and, of course, by the scents we try to capture in our creations.

So, if the spark of essence of the sea you received as a Christmas gift in the form of perfume or home fragrance, or maybe even in the scented Note di Natale candles (and the way they augment the magic of perfume with that of light), is not enough for you, then you might think of spending  few days on the island for your holidays, with a few recommendations we prepared in collaboration with some of our friends at various publications.

Of course, we shall begin with food, because spending time in company is one of the main characteristics of December meals. For Christmas and New Year’s Eve the main feature of every table on Isola d’Elba is seafood and shellfish, that is to say, aside from desserts, of course: you can see some examples on the “I Love Elba Blog” - panficato, imbollita di fichi and the unmissable schiaccia briaca in its two versions (red as they make it in Rio all’Elba, and white as they make it in Capoliveri).

Around the island, the festive period is also the occasion for various Christmas markets suggestively placed at the sea water’s edge, and living Nativity scenes, of which the one taking place in Marciana is particularly acclaimed. There will be traditional choral singing concerts throughout the whole festive season, crowned by the unmissable show of the Virginia Gospel Ensemble, as well as readings and entertainment for children…you can find the full events calendar online at Elba Eventi or Isola d’Elba Online.

On RP Fashion Glamour News you may instead find many ideas and suggestions for winter itineraries in the heart of Elba: a long walk on the beach, exploring a mine, or a visit to the Volterraio may all be the right choice to give you an unexpected point of view of the island which has always represented the true essence of our activity.

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