The essence of mistery

The essence of mistery

The essence of mistery


Every night carries the appeal of obscurity, the fragrance of unexpected encounters capable of thrilling people with a frisson of mystery. During Halloween this is even more likely to happen, so we decided to speak about this festivity celebrating the sensations and enchantments of the essences which compose the bouquets of Acqua dell’Elba’s fragrances: as a playful game, as well as for the pleasure of layering in new suggestions to perfumes which are already perfectly capable of winning people over, without the need for many further explanations.

For example, cedarwood for ancient Romans was considered to be sacred to Jupiter, and they believed it had the power of protecting homes through its scent: if you would like to personally test the truthfulness of this credence, try the bouquet released by the “Isola d’Elba” home fragrance diffuser, in which cedarwood combines with notes of citrus fruits, sea salt and algae.

Moss used to be recommended to increase stamina, and was particularly indicated for people born under the sign of Libra, always very balanced and controlled: considering it is part of the Classica Uomo bouquet, if you have a friend or partner born under this sign you could try exploring whether these old beliefs actually do have some grounds.

Classica Donna could work very well for women born under the sign of Pisces: the jasmine contained in its bouquet was believed to be capable of donating firmness in decision-making and of increasing the sense of self-satisfaction.

Since we are speaking of mystery and appeal, going back to home fragrance diffusers we might advise trying to pervade your house with the atmosphere of “Isola di Montecristo”, in which incense exalts the properties of other notes contained in the bouquet such as juniper, which according to ancient Romans, purified homes and kept bad luck away. 

Although Halloween only lasts for one night, we could carry on infinitely playing around with the magical properties of every single ingredient, so the magic of finding the right fragrance for yourself and your home never ends. Find your own within our catalogue and, if you would like to play, try guessing the mysterious perfume we captured in this photo full of nocturnal appeal.

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