Arcipelago for men, Arcipelago for women.

Arcipelago for men, Arcipelago for women.

Arcipelago for men, Arcipelago for women.

Today we would like to talk about a perfume dedicated to personalities who love exploring the world with attentive eyes, who know how to recognise what can unite even within things that polarise: today we talk about Arcipelago, the fragrance from Acua dell’Elba which comes in both a masculine and feminine version, highlighting similarities and differences of the personalities who choose to wear it, whether they are men or women.

We’d like to start with a quote from the first Italian anthropologist, Paolo Mantegazza, who wrote in one of his texts around the turn of 19th century: “Women think like they love, men love like they think.” Thus, in both versions of Arcipelago, sentiment and passion entwine and relate in different ways, though still remaining part of the same world, just like the islands forming an archipelago.
In its feminine version, Arcipelago reveals a fresh, floral and sensual bouquet with fruity notes of apricot, lemon and tangerines blending with the floral hints of jasmine, helichrysum, acacia and orange flowers, all backed by the woody accents of strawberry tree, cedarwood and moss.

The masculine version is also characterised by notes of cedarwood and jasmine, which resonate with the feminine version though based on a different, woodier and spicier bouquet. Here the woody accents are enriched by cypress and Mediterranean Maquis, jasmine is joined by lily of the valley, and the fruity notes are replaced by hints of sage, pepper and rosemary.
In this way both perfumes contribute to define the character of a couple who loves nature when it is intact, who travels in order to discover places that are suggestive both from a geographical and spiritual point of view, in which two distinct personalities unite to discover the world and, together, to also discover themselves.

Available as Eau de Toilette as well as Eau de Parfum, both fragrances come in 50- and 100-ml formats, whilst the 15-ml bottle can also be found inside the Preziosa coffers and the Mia package, which both include a selection of five perfumes for men and for women.

The suggestions of both Arcipelago bouquets also enrich our bath range, from our deodorant to our scented hand wipes, from our moisturising lotion to our aftershave, from our moisturising soap to our body lotion. Because there are numerous islands in our Arcipelago: dicovering together can be a fascinating journey both for him and for her.


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