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Limonaia di Sant'Andrea: scents and colours of autumn.

Limonaia di Sant'Andrea: scents and colours of autumn.

Limonaia di Sant'Andrea: scents and colours of autumn.

As the days start shortening and the first autumn rains force us to stay inside, our body and spirit feel the need to recharge with colours and scents capable of rekindling wellness and vitality. Acqua dell’Elba’s catalogue includes a home fragrance diffuser which satisfies both of these necessities: Limonaia di Sant’Andrea. The fragrance takes its name from an enchanted place, a dreamlike citrus grove facing the deep blue of the Tuscan archipelago, sheltered at its back by the solidity of Mount Capanne.

Yellow as the sun at the moment of maximum splendour, as the lemons lighting up a splendid citrus grove facing the seaside, this home fragrance diffuser starts performing its revitalising function already through the sense of sight alone. Indeed, yellow is the colour most capable of transmitting a sensation of vitality, creating an atmosphere favouring dialogue and communication which makes it particularly appropriate for home living rooms and office conference rooms.

This revitalising effect then becomes irresistible when the fragrance of this bouquet starts wafting through your home, its optimistic and serene notes of lemon essential oils harmonising with the summer memories induced by the scent of basil, backed by subtle hints of green leaves and cedarwood.

Aside from the home fragrance diffuser available in the usual three formats (200ml, 500ml, 2500ml) and its handy refill doses, the fragrance “Limonaia di Sant’Andrea” is also available as a room spray, capable of reviving in just a few minutes the atmosphere of any home.

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