Textiles, dreams and perfumes: Acqua dell’Elba attends Milan Fashion Week.

Textiles, dreams and perfumes: Acqua dell’Elba attends Milan Fashion Week.

Textiles, dreams and perfumes: Acqua dell’Elba attends Milan Fashion Week.

Like every year, from the 17th to the 22nd of September the city of Milan will be busy with its usual celebrations of Milan Fashion Week and Acqua dell’Elba will be present at the main catwalk shows with a special gift for the guests. This operation, developed in collaboration with Class Editori, intends to highlight the connection binding the world of fashion with the world of perfumery.

Whether it is vaporised on one’s skin, whether it is delicately concealed among the folds of textiles, whether it is proffering memories and emotions as we choose our clothes from the wardrobe, as it happens with our textile fragrance diffusers, the fragrance of a perfume has always accompanied the most successful fashion creations.

Perfume and fashion, indeed, are two strictly correlated facets in the construction of our personality. Cleopatra, one of the most elegant and fascinating women in history, was known to have created her own perfume, just like our own fellow Tuscan compatriot Caterina De’ Medici did some centuries later.

In more recent times, the greatest fashion houses have constantly sought to connect the images and values associated to their brands with olfactory notes capable of evoking them to their clients. Through perfume, and its communication by means of photographs and TV spots, the greatest couturiers invite customers to enter within their world, as if taking possession of a magical object capable of opening the gates to entire universes of elegance. Indeed, this is exactly what perfumes achieve: they create whole worlds made of suggestions, they narrate otherwise unimaginable details of somebody’s personality, they tell stories capable of evoking emotions. 

Through its perfumes, Acqua dell’Elba has always sought to narrate the multiple ways it is possible to encapsulate the essence of the sea, articulating it in the elegance of the Classica fragrance, in the deep mystery of Blu, in the various suggestions of Arcipelago….now also with textile fragrance diffusers, available in the “Mare” and “Giardino degli Aranci” fragrances, both in spray format as well as scented ceramics to be hung inside wardrobes.

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