Acqua dell’Elba Arts Prize: the Award Winners.

Acqua dell’Elba Arts Prize: the Award Winners.

Acqua dell’Elba Arts Prize: the Award Winners.

The exhibition of works of art taking part in the fourth edition of the “Acqua dell’Elba Arts Prize”, a collaboration between the brand and the Arts Academy of Brera in Milan, will continue until the 31st of August in the Sala Telemaco Signorini in Portoferraio.

‘A collaboration born from an affinity of intents which we found with Acqua dell’Elba’, says the curator of the exhibition and Vice-Director of the Milanese arts academy, Maria Cristina Galli, ‘as well as from the shared love for the sea that we have, intended as an extremely variable shape, capable of generating the unexpected’.

Among the twenty young students selected for participation in the exhibition, the awards panel chose three winners for a prize scholarship worth 1,500 euros: ‘ Aside from the three winners, whom we are happy to support through this scholarship at the beginning of their promising careers as professional artists’, proclaimed Fabio Murzi, President of Acqua dell’Elba, ‘ I would like to thank all of the twenty extraordinary students who took part in this enterprise, the curators of the exhibition Professor Maria Cristina Galli, Vice-Director of the Brera Arts Academy, and Professor Gaetano Fanelli, the new director of the academy Professor Giovanni Iovane, who kept believeing in this project all along, as well as naturally the three winners of this edition themselves’.

All of the works taking part in the exhibition are also listed in the catalogue published by Baldecchi and Vivaldi, the volume curated by Elias Bartoldo also includes an introductory text from the curator Maria Cristina Galli, together with a biography of the artists and brief notes about their art.

As usual, we will share additional content with our Community friends from Facebook. Aside from some pictures of the works of art on exhibition, we will also publish three brief interviews with the winners Haidong Bai, Giacomo D'Alcamo and Elisabetta Mariuzzo, seen in the picture on this page alongside Chiara Murzi, Fabio Murzi, Marco Turoni and Maria Cristina Galli. Please remember to subscribe to our community in order to access all additional social content and take advantage of exclusive offers.

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