The essence of the sea, as captivated by the greatest directors of all times, will be the subject of a montage created by the students of IULM university for SEIF.

Even cinema is a form of life born from the sea: indeed, on the 28th of December 1895, the first public spectacle by the Lumiere Brothers included a short cut showing some kids diving into the sea from a pier. Since then, directors from all over the world have tried to captivate the essence of the sea, its relationship with mankind, the dialogue of the waves with events happening onshore. Each has some key sequences which describe precisely this relationship: on Friday the 28th of June SEIF – Sea Essence International Festival will have the pleasure of showing ONDETEMPO, a short film made of the sequences selected by the students of IULM university specifically for the occasion. While we wait for that, since we also love cinema, we decided to recall some suggestions connected to famous “marine” scenes, connecting them to some of our perfumes.



How could we not start with the passionate kiss exchanged between Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr in the movie “From Here to Eternity”, in the scene where they are being gently caressed by the waves of the ocean? A survey carried out by a famous English toothpaste brand awarded this kiss the prize for “Sexiest Movie Scene of All Time”. Indeed, after the scandal originating from its first showing, the censors reputed the passion shown by the on-screen lovers to be excessive also because of the fact that it was said the two actors enjoyed an actual romance off-set, regardless of the fact that they were both already married. That was not the only reason movies in America were often cut shorter than intended: projector operators created a parallel market dealing exclusively in those selected cuts which were excluded from the commercial version of the film. This truly “classical” scene perfectly matches our fragrance Classica, indeed: Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum in both male and female version, a perfect harmony formed by two bouquets exchanging a kiss as passionate as that shown in this film.


More recently we may recall this movie by Luc Besson, inspired by the true stories of deep-sea divers Enzo Majorca and Jacques Mayol intertwining in a tale of sport, rivalry and friendship. A story developing among the depths of the Mediterranean, between Greece, Sicily and the Cote D’Azure. There is an interesting behind-the-scenes curiosity about this movie too, considering that Le Grand Bleu, shot in 1988, was not distributed in Italy until 2002 due to the fact that Enzo Majorca did not agree with the way he was portrayed. The unforgettable, underwater scenes shot deep below the sea instantly drive us to make the connection with our fragrance Blu, which encloses the elegance, mystery and immensity of the sea in a fresh and sensual bouquet, available in both male and female versions.


Probably one of the best movies about friendship between men, “Big Wednesday” uses the sea, the waves and surfing as a pretext and a metaphor, in order to speak about the relationship between a group of friends and how it resists through time, though changed by the tough challenges the men face because of the historical period they are living in, and their own personal vicissitudes. The director John Milius has a special relationship with surfing indeed: in his role as screenwriter for “Apocalypse Now”, for example, he created the character of Colonel Kilgore (Robert Duvall) who delighted in surfing the waves of Vietnam, while war and the ocean raged all around him. To remind ourselves of these determined, masculine atmospheres, the ideal perfume is our male fragrance Altrove (Elsewhere), dedicated to those men who know how to express the mystery and appeal of their own personality with a force rooted in nature and the sea.


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