Sun care line, protection and beauty straight from the sea

Sun care line, protection and beauty straight from the sea

Sun care line, protection and beauty straight from the sea

To experience all the beauty of summer and enjoy the sun in complete freedom, Acqua dell’Elba has created a specific collection of sun care products that take good care of the skin, protecting it and giving it intense nourishment and hydration. The line consists of a Sea Sand Body Scrub, a Body Sun Cream and a Face Sun Cream with various SFP filters. Complete the experience with After-Sun Milk. Their formulation is enriched with the innovative Ultra Marine Complex, a blend of active ingredients, including Corallina Officinalis, a red alga found on the seabed of the Tuscan Archipelago, rich in proteins and mineral salts that create a protective film against atmospheric agents and harmful sun rays. All the products in the Sun Care Line also stimulate skin regeneration, thanks to a mix of marine-based active ingredients composed of coral powder and hyaluronic acid, which work in synergy to offer a powerful antioxidant, protective and anti-ageing action, counteracting UVA and UVB radiation and photo-ageing.

Sun protection is the first step to enjoying the sun safely. The Body Sun Cream, available with SPF medium (15), high (30) and very high (50+), provides effective defence against UVB and UVA radiation. Enriched with Ultra Marine Coral Complex, it combines the protective action of corallina officinalis, a coral powder that stimulates skin regeneration, and hyaluronic acid for an anti-ageing effect. The face sun cream, also available with high and very high SPF, protects and moisturises the skin on the face, leaving it soft and toned, even after a day in the sun.

Not only protection: scrubs and natural moisturising creams for a complete ritual

To prepare the skin for sun exposure and subsequent beauty treatments, the Sea Sand Exfoliating Body Scrub is the perfect ally, gently renewing the skin while respecting the skin's balance, thanks to its gentle ingredients. Available in Acqua dell’Elba’s best-loved fragrances, to create a perfect synergy with the other products of the same fragrance, the sea sand scrub removes dead cells and reveals a smooth and radiant skin.

After preparing the skin with the sea sand scrub and protecting it with a sun cream with a SFP appropriate to the sensitivity and level of tan already present, you can move on to the finishing touches for a complete beauty ritual. If you love light textures, the Moisturising Body Cream will win you over with its soft caress, while for deep nourishment, you can rely on the Hyaluronic Acid Body Cream, with its richer, full-bodied formulation. Both body creams are created with 95% natural ingredients to deeply moisturise every skin type, even the most sensitive, leaving it soft, nourished and lightly perfumed. The Moisturising Body Cream and the Hyaluronic Acid Body Cream, like the Body Scrub, are also available in various fragrances to match the other products in the same olfactory composition. Fragrances inspired by the essence of the sea that give a feeling of freshness and well-being that lasts all day.


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