Acqua dell'Elba Lovers: the loyalty programme that rewards passion for the sea

Acqua dell'Elba Lovers: the loyalty programme that rewards passion for the sea

Acqua dell'Elba Lovers: the loyalty programme that rewards passion for the sea

Our journey has always been about bringing out our best side and, as we have navigated the waves, those who share our deep love of the sea and its essence have been at our side. The "Acqua dell'Elba Lovers" loyalty programme is dedicated to this large family, which is united by the same passions and the same vision of the world that guides us. It is our way of thanking all those who have followed our journey with affection, those who choose us every day and those who want to jump on board to feel part of something unique and special, sailing with us to search for the purest beauty and the truest essence.

With our loyalty points, you always have the wind in your sails

Acqua dell'Elba Lovers is the loyalty programme that allows you to receive sailing points to turn into opportunities and privileges, a sanctuary where you can be treated to personalised gifts. Becoming part of the community is simple: just register at this LINK to dive into a sea of dedicated advantages, which are available with every purchase, both online and in our boutiques. What's more, we also want to reward those who are inspired by our philosophy and decide to set sail with us to experience the sea, step by step. By registering now for the Acqua dell'Elba Lovers programme, we will welcome you on board with a bonus of 20 sailing ship points!

Three loyalty levels for a sea of advantages

The sea, with its nuances, teaches us that every journey has its stages. This is the case for our loyalty programme, whose route leads to three destinations, each with its own uniqueness. It is an archipelago waiting to be discovered, mile after mile, to anchor in a port of privileges.

Silver, Gold and Platinum are the three levels to reach with sailing points, to obtain personalised gifts and enjoy free shipping costs, depending on the value of the purchase. As every great navigator knows, there are goals that deserve to be celebrated in a special way: each time you move up a level you receive a gift and, upon reaching the threshold of 1019 points, the height of Mount Capanne, the highest point of the Island of Elba, your loyalty is rewarded with a beach towel personalised with your initials or name.


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