Men’s Perfumes

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Men’s Perfumes

Discover the whole line of our perfumes for men

It is from the fusion of refined raw materials and artisan experience that Acqua dell’Elba men’s perfumes originate. Intense fragrances enveloping with elegance, evoking the strength and energy of the sea. Each composition is conceived and calibrated with attention after a creative process made of intuition and tradition. The Eau de Parfum and the Eau de Toilette for Men are designed to accompany everyday life and enhance the personality of the wearer in a natural way, without giving up a touch of refinement.

The five Acqua dell’Elba perfumes for men

This selected range of men’s perfumes derives from the desire to preserve and enhance beauty and to offer a high quality product, the result of raw materials recalling the typical scents of the Elba Island. Here are 5 lines of perfumes with unique distinctive features based on the particularities of each wearer.

  • Classica: a fresh and marine fragrance for men designed with floral (mandarin, lemon and rosemary), marine (seaweed) and woody (musk and Mediterranean scrub) notes.
  • Arcipelago: ideal if you are looking for aromatic and floral fragrances for men designed with aromatic (sage, pepper and rosemary), floral (lily of the valley and jasmine) and woody (Mediterranean scrub, creed and cypress) notes.
  • Blu: a citrus and woody men’s fragrance designed with orange, mandarin, sea lily, myrtle, sea cistus, jasmine, oak moss, creed and mastic notes.
  • Essenza: a citrusy men’s perfume conceived with lemon, bergamot, sea cistus, sage, jasmine, violet, geranium, pepper, seaweed, oak, cedar, mastic and strawberry tree notes.
  • Sport: citrus and floral fragrance for men and women created with citrus (lemon, bergamot and pepper), floral (jasmine, lily of the valley, geranium and sea lily) and woody (sage, creed and strawberry tree) notes.
  • Altrove: a WOODY masculine perfume designed Juniper, cypress and iris notes; Jasmine, rose and hints of leather and tobacco; Woods and resins of the Mediterranean scrub combine with hints of incense and strawberry tree berries.

Available in 100ml and 50ml formats, our men’s perfumes allow you to choose between an Eau de Parfum, ideal for those looking for a persistent fragrance, and an Eau de Toilette, designed for those who want a fresh and discreet perfume. The Essenza line is an exception, since it only includes the Eau de Parfum.

Fragrances evoking the essence of the sea and recalling the evocative atmospheres of Elba Island, its purity and the luster of its emerald green waters and its wonderful Mediterranean vegetation. All of our men’s perfumes can be purchased on the official Acqua dell’Elba website: we ship perfumes online within 12 hours of receiving the order and guarantee delivery within 48 hours.