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Bringing the authenticity of the sea and its fragrances into your homes: this is the dream behind the conception of Acqua dell'Elba home fragrances, the result of several years of research and the close relationship that, still today, after more than two decades, binds us to this wonderful territory.

Perfect to make every environment of your home comfortable and welcoming, the Acqua dell'Elba room fragrances have been conceived in our Marciana Marina laboratories thanks to a skilful research on the unique products offered by Elba Island and their scents.

The charm of tradition and innovation: Acqua dell'Elba home fragrances derive from nature and live through our passionate interpretation, to give every room of your home something unique.

Our room fragrances

Enveloping, heady and recognizable scents evoking the immensity of the sea, the sunlight and the luxuriant vegetation growing all around. Our home fragrances tell the story of the sea and the sensations and emotions it creates. 13 lines of home fragrances for 13 different ways to experience the sea:

Mare: a room fragrance created with notes of lemon, rosemary, sea lily, seaweed, sea cistus and woods of the Mediterranean scrub.

Isola d’Elba: a room fragrance created with citrus notes and hints of salt, seaweed, myrtle, aquatic musk, cedar, strawberry tree and mastic.

Isola di Montecristo: a woody ambient perfumer created with notes of juniper, cypress, iris, jasmine, rose, hints of leather and tobacco, woods and resins of the Mediterranean scrub, melting with hints of incense and strawberry tree berries.

Notte d’Estate: a fresh, marine and aromatic room fragrance conceived with notes of aquatic musk, sea cistus, orange, rosemary, cypress, thyme, sage, chestnut, juniper and mastic.

Profumi del Monte Capanne: a strong and intense room fragrance, created with FLORAL (cornflower, honeysuckle, violet, orchid and juniper) and woody notes (chestnut and yew).

Casa dei Mandarini: a sparkling room fragrance created with notes of mandarin, cistus, helichrysum, jasmine and olive woods.

Brezza di mare: a marine room fragrance conceived with notes of sea chamomile, seaweed, lemon, jasmine and Mediterranean scrub.

Costa del Sole: a radiant room fragrance created with notes of myrtle, rosemary, mastic, sea cistus, Elbe lemon and prickly pears.

  • Fiori: a floral room frangrance conceived with notes of broom, myrtle, helichrysum, cistus and Mediterranean scrub woods.
  • Giardino degli Aranci: a relaxing room fragrance based on notes of orange, myrtle, jasmine, strawberry tree and Mediterranean scrub woods.
  • Giglio delle sabbie: a floral and relaxing room fragrance created with notes of sea lily, freesia, gardenia, lily of the valley and cistus.
  • Limonaia di Sant’Andrea: a revitalizing room perfumer conceived with notes of lemon, basil, green leaf and creed.
  • Note di Natale: a magical home fragrance created with notes of orange, mandarin, broom, jasmine, honey, cinnamon, walnut and woods of the Mediterranean scrub.

Available in sizes of 200ml, 500ml, 1000ml and 2500ml, Acqua dell’Elba room fragrances are created to bring the aromas of the island and the sea into your home or workplace. Fragrances reminiscent of childhood, one love and the summer. This careful selection of fragrances narrating our territory was born after a careful research and is completed by combining room fragrances with scented candles. All our creations can be personalized with engravings on the glass, making each item unique and original, and can be purchased directly online, with shipping within 12 hours and delivery within 48 hours.