Fall in love with our fabrics from the sea

Fall in love with our fabrics from the sea

Fall in love with our fabrics from the sea

The Mediterranean, an expanse full of emotions with infinite nuances, is the inspiration for the Acqua dell'Elba collection of fabrics for the bathroom and the sea: bathrobes, bath and beach towels, and linen sarongs that tell stories of horizons lost in the blue with their enveloping softness.

Made of the purest, highest quality cotton terry, the towels and bathrobes in the collection colour your bathroom with shades of the sea, evoking them with their unmistakable Acqua dell'Elba green. A comfortable, soft and enveloping embrace in which you can lose yourself.

On the beach, by the pool, or on a boat trip: the fabric collection also includes linen sarongs and beach towels, to take everywhere for a touch of sophisticated versatility. The double-twisted cotton microsponge beach towel is available in two sizes, to enjoy every moment of relaxation with its soft freshness. The generously-sized linen gauze sarong, available in the classic Acqua dell'Elba green or in a striped version, gently hugs your body and is a perfect choice for anyone to wear comfortably.

It is a line of fabrics designed for those who wish to find the essence of the sea in every fold and seam, and all the attention to detail that Acqua dell'Elba dedicates to each of its creations.


H2: Fragrances for textiles: the essence of the Mediterranean is always with you

Make your experience unique with the Acqua dell'Elba fabric sprays, created to envelop your favourite garments, towels, bathrobes, and even curtains and freshly laundered sheets, with the scents of the Mediterranean. Textures from the sea and nature unfold in a weave of threads and memories permeated with that unmistakable magic that takes you back to hidden beaches, paths through the Mediterranean maquis, and coastal landscapes: a ritual that renews your bond with the sea and its nuances every day with its delicate feel, ideal for those who always wish to breathe in a discreet and long-lasting freshness.

Mare, Isola d'Elba, Notte d'Estate, Giardino degli Aranci, and Brezza di Mare: five scents that have been carefully selected from all the Acqua dell'Elba essences to fragrance your sheets and curtains, dresses and jumpers, and linen and towels with their bouquet; the sea will always surround you, in the folds of a jumper, in the weave of a light sheet, and in the embrace of a towel or bathrobe. The Acqua dell'Elba fabric fragrance collection gently cares for and refreshes textile fibres, even the finest ones, thanks to a formula that is free from harmful substances. Each garment and fabric instantly recalls the nuances of a Mediterranean landscape where you can lose yourself, only to find yourself again with a sensation of peace and freedom.

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